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Best 5 Waterfalls Near Dehradun That You Must Visit

Dehradun is blessed with many tourist attractions; including some adventurous trekking destinations,hill stations, incredible waterfalls, parks and much more. Here is a list of some spectacular waterfalls in Dehradun for one day trip! Plan a weekend gateway with your loved ones to these places, and you willbe awe-struck by the majestic creations.

1. Kempty Falls

Location - Lakhwad, Kempty, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

The popular beautiful city Dehradun gives you a wonderful opportunity to witness the absolutelyadorable view of this waterfall. Kempty fall is one of the best escapades in Dehradun and you will be leftspellbound once you visit to see this beauty.

2. Jharia Pani Falls

Location- Dehradun-Mussoorie Road, Mussoorie

This Majestic waterfall is located in the beautiful region of Mussorie. The view is breath-taking, little droplets when touching your skin will have a soothing effect. The destination holds you captivated by its beauty.

3. Bhatta Falls

Location: Mussoorie Rd, Bhatta Gaon, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

The fall gives you positive vibes as its smooth and calming effect can enlighten your senses. This is a must visit waterfall to get mesmerized in the wonder of nature.

4. Shikhar Falls

Location: Kairwaan Gaon, Dumal Gaon, Uttarakhand

This falls has a huge volume of ice-cold water creates a roar and mist, which is enough to awe inspire anyone. The lush greenery here works like a charm to make people forget all their woes. You can sit here for hours, just gazing at the scenery and getting refreshed from inside.

5. Tiger falls

Location: Kanaser Range, Chakrata, Uttarakhand

This waterfall is one of the most popular places to visit in Uttarakhand. It supposedly is known to brighten to any mood and make anything seem fine that is how beautiful it actually is. 

When we should visit here?

There’s no golden rule for when to visit these waterfalls, but you can definitely pay attention to regional weather patterns to better predict when you ought to make your move.

In Monsoon, the flow happened to be very high, and most of the viewpoints are both obscured and uncomfortably wet by heavy mist. Indeed, it is difficult to appreciate the falls from the ground under these conditions.

We suggest you to visit these places when the flow would be less vigorous (most probably in summer) the falls would be more easily appreciated from the ground and you could have also done more things there.



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